Perception of Reality

In this Haavik Research Video we see that our brain needs accurate information from the body to interpret the environment correctly, if the signal isn’t accurate your brain is just guessing! Our Brains need information from the Body to “see” the world. When this information is interrupted, our Brains fill in the gaps based onContinue reading “Perception of Reality”

Brain, Body, and Spine!

Chiropractic is Awesome! In this Haavik Research Video, we see how the Brain and Body are connected and affected by Chiropractic! When our Brain and Body cannot communicate properly we are not able to perform at our best and dysfunction can arise. Chiropractic restores the communication between the Brain and the Body restoring the innateContinue reading “Brain, Body, and Spine!”

Joint Cavitation

If you are curious about the “Popping sound” that can happen during an adjustment, this Haavik Research Video goes over the research! Have you heard the “POP” when getting adjusted? Here Haavik Research explains what happens. The noise we can hear when getting adjusted is the sound of liquid turning to gas as the jointContinue reading “Joint Cavitation”

J.E.T. Syndrome

J.E.T. Syndrome was described to me by Dr. Lisa Geiger in her ICPA course I took. This is one way for parents to see if their child needs to be checked by a chiropractor. J is for jaw deviation. The best way to look is when your child is yawning. Does their jay go offContinue reading “J.E.T. Syndrome”

Safety Pin Cycle

Check out how Chiropractors used to explain Chiropractic in Ye Olden Times (some still use this)! Safety pins offer an easy explanation for how chiropractic works with your body to restore function. The top of the safety pin represents the Brain and the bottom loop represents the Body. Nerves are represented by the wires. NervesContinue reading “Safety Pin Cycle”

Beginner’s Guide to Chiropractic

If you are curious about chiropractic, this Haavik Research Video is a good place to start! Our Nervous System controls everything in our body! When Spinal Dysfunction arises from stressors, our Brain and Body cannot communicate efficiently. Subluxation is the term Chiropractors use to describe this dysfunction. Lack of good communication in the Nervous SystemContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide to Chiropractic”