Our Clinic

Seitz Family Chiropractic has been changing lives in the Tama-Toledo area since June 2016. It has become the go-to place for health and wellness, having helped many people each week ranging from infant to senior. Every problem you can think of can be helped by chiropractic. Our goal is to change the way people view and manage their health from the inside out. If we accept you as a patient, we are confident we can help you get the results you want too.

Dr. Giovanna Seitz

Dr. Seitz grew up just outside of Tama, IA. Early in life she was inspired by her father to look into Chiropractic. Although, her first degree was in animal science, her passion for helping people emerged and she changed her course. In her plan to move towards wellness she discovered a few health concerns she had and was unsatisfied with the answers she was given. By changing her life and embracing all aspects of chiropractic her health has never been better.

Through all of these life experiences, she was being prepared for the vital work helping people reach their full health potential. Throughout her graduate school career at the prestigious fountainhead, Palmer College of Chiropractic, she succeeded by constantly studying and researching the most effective ways to be healthy and bring that health and wellness to a community.

Dr. Seitz’s passion is to educate and support as many families as possible so they can reach their full health potential through natural chiropractic care. Seitz Family Chiropractic and Dr. Seitz will continue to educate more and more people on the principles of how the body functions and the importance of supporting innate within the body through eating wisely, exercising, and most importantly removing nerve interference through chiropractic.