J.E.T. Syndrome

J.E.T. Syndrome was described to me by Dr. Lisa Geiger in her ICPA course I took. This is one way for parents to see if their child needs to be checked by a chiropractor. J is for jaw deviation. The best way to look is when your child is yawning. Does their jay go offContinue reading “J.E.T. Syndrome”

Safety Pin Cycle

Check out how Chiropractors used to explain Chiropractic in Ye Olden Times (some still use this)! Safety pins offer an easy explanation for how chiropractic works with your body to restore function. The top of the safety pin represents the Brain and the bottom loop represents the Body. Nerves are represented by the wires. NervesContinue reading “Safety Pin Cycle”

Pillow Talk

We are often asked which pillow is the best. Here we describe how to fit a pillow to yourself. Since everyone has a different body shape and different sleeping position, there is no 1 pillow to rule them all. Back sleeping pillows should support your neck without lifting your heard forward. Side lying pillows shouldContinue reading “Pillow Talk”