Meet the Doula: Dawn Bollhoefer

If you or your partner are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, check out this interview with Doula, Dawn Bollhoefer of Loving Life Doula!

She answers: what is a doula? How can a doula serve you and your partner during pregnancy and delivery? And shares her experience helping families!

To contact Dawn her number is (641) 275-0386 or email

Check out her Facebook at Loving Life Labor and Delivery, LLC

Perception of Reality

In this Haavik Research Video we see that our brain needs accurate information from the body to interpret the environment correctly, if the signal isn’t accurate your brain is just guessing!

Our Brains need information from the Body to “see” the world. When this information is interrupted, our Brains fill in the gaps based on past experiences. The optical illusion in the video describes how our Brains do this.

How do you know if you have an interruption in communication?

You could be clumsy. Or have brain fog/confusion. You can even be experiencing an emotion not proportionate to the situation.

A Chiropractor checks your spine for any disruption along the main pathway your Brain uses to get information. If an interruption known as Subluxation is present, the Chiropractor will remove it with a gentle adjustment allowing your Brain to communicate with your Body to better “see” your world!

Brain, Body, and Spine!

Chiropractic is Awesome! In this Haavik Research Video, we see how the Brain and Body are connected and affected by Chiropractic!

When our Brain and Body cannot communicate properly we are not able to perform at our best and dysfunction can arise. Chiropractic restores the communication between the Brain and the Body restoring the innate ability to heal and perform optimally!

Joint Cavitation

If you are curious about the “Popping sound” that can happen during an adjustment, this Haavik Research Video goes over the research!

Have you heard the “POP” when getting adjusted? Here Haavik Research explains what happens.

The noise we can hear when getting adjusted is the sound of liquid turning to gas as the joint moves quickly. Research has shown this popping sound doesn’t mean you will get arthritis or have bad joints. It is similar to when you open a Champaign bottle.

The research also shows that the adjustment can be just as good even when there is no popping sounds. The popping happens under the right conditions: the chiropractor gave a speedy adjustment. If you have tight muscles or swelling this can hinder the speed, but rest assured the joint was adjusted. The chiropractor can check other measures to ensure the adjustment was done!

The next time you are adjusted, remember the popping sound is just a release of gas, not harmful or significant!

J.E.T. Syndrome

J.E.T. Syndrome was described to me by Dr. Lisa Geiger in her ICPA course I took. This is one way for parents to see if their child needs to be checked by a chiropractor.

J is for jaw deviation. The best way to look is when your child is yawning. Does their jay go off to one side?

E is for eye asymmetry. Does one of their eyes look more closed or rounder than the other? Do your child’s eyes look symmetrical?

T is for twisted/turned/tilted/torticollis. This is when your child’s head tends to turn to one side more frequently and/or not turn one direction. Does your child have a head tilt/turn? Have they been diagnosed with Torticollis?

If you notice your child has any or all of these symptoms, it might be time to get a Chiropractic evaluation!

Safety Pin Cycle

Check out how Chiropractors used to explain Chiropractic in Ye Olden Times (some still use this)!

Safety pins offer an easy explanation for how chiropractic works with your body to restore function. The top of the safety pin represents the Brain and the bottom loop represents the Body. Nerves are represented by the wires. Nerves are the highways that carry information from the brain to the the body and vise versa. When the body is communication efficiently, the body can heal faster and perform better. When we are under stressors (physical, chemical, and emotional), our body can get subluxated. This subluxation is an adaptation our bodies use to survive. When the stress changes, sometimes our body cannot un-subluxate its self. Enter Chiropractic. With a gentle adjustment to the subluxated area, Chiropractors are able to help the body restore communication and your brain can initiate healing!

Beginner’s Guide to Chiropractic

If you are curious about chiropractic, this Haavik Research Video is a good place to start!

Our Nervous System controls everything in our body! When Spinal Dysfunction arises from stressors, our Brain and Body cannot communicate efficiently. Subluxation is the term Chiropractors use to describe this dysfunction. Lack of good communication in the Nervous System can cause problems, like pain and dysfunction of organs/system, to arise. Chiropractic removes the interference (Subluxation) to the Nervous System, restoring the body’s ability to communicate and heal!

Pillow Talk

We are often asked which pillow is the best. Here we describe how to fit a pillow to yourself.

Since everyone has a different body shape and different sleeping position, there is no 1 pillow to rule them all.

Back sleeping pillows should support your neck without lifting your heard forward.

Side lying pillows should support you head without lifting your head up or dropping it down. In essence side lying pillows need to be the width of your shoulder with the weight of your head on it.

We generally look for your spine to be in a neutral position.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like us to do a pillow fitting for you (free for Practice Members).