Perception of Reality

In this Haavik Research Video we see that our brain needs accurate information from the body to interpret the environment correctly, if the signal isn’t accurate your brain is just guessing!

Our Brains need information from the Body to “see” the world. When this information is interrupted, our Brains fill in the gaps based on past experiences. The optical illusion in the video describes how our Brains do this.

How do you know if you have an interruption in communication?

You could be clumsy. Or have brain fog/confusion. You can even be experiencing an emotion not proportionate to the situation.

A Chiropractor checks your spine for any disruption along the main pathway your Brain uses to get information. If an interruption known as Subluxation is present, the Chiropractor will remove it with a gentle adjustment allowing your Brain to communicate with your Body to better “see” your world!

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