Joint Cavitation

If you are curious about the “Popping sound” that can happen during an adjustment, this Haavik Research Video goes over the research!

Have you heard the “POP” when getting adjusted? Here Haavik Research explains what happens.

The noise we can hear when getting adjusted is the sound of liquid turning to gas as the joint moves quickly. Research has shown this popping sound doesn’t mean you will get arthritis or have bad joints. It is similar to when you open a Champaign bottle.

The research also shows that the adjustment can be just as good even when there is no popping sounds. The popping happens under the right conditions: the chiropractor gave a speedy adjustment. If you have tight muscles or swelling this can hinder the speed, but rest assured the joint was adjusted. The chiropractor can check other measures to ensure the adjustment was done!

The next time you are adjusted, remember the popping sound is just a release of gas, not harmful or significant!

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