Safety Pin Cycle

Check out how Chiropractors used to explain Chiropractic in Ye Olden Times (some still use this)!

Safety pins offer an easy explanation for how chiropractic works with your body to restore function. The top of the safety pin represents the Brain and the bottom loop represents the Body. Nerves are represented by the wires. Nerves are the highways that carry information from the brain to the the body and vise versa. When the body is communication efficiently, the body can heal faster and perform better. When we are under stressors (physical, chemical, and emotional), our body can get subluxated. This subluxation is an adaptation our bodies use to survive. When the stress changes, sometimes our body cannot un-subluxate its self. Enter Chiropractic. With a gentle adjustment to the subluxated area, Chiropractors are able to help the body restore communication and your brain can initiate healing!

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