J.E.T. Syndrome

J.E.T. Syndrome was described to me by Dr. Lisa Geiger in her ICPA course I took. This is one way for parents to see if their child needs to be checked by a chiropractor.

J is for jaw deviation. The best way to look is when your child is yawning. Does their jay go off to one side?

E is for eye asymmetry. Does one of their eyes look more closed or rounder than the other? Do your child’s eyes look symmetrical?

T is for twisted/turned/tilted/torticollis. This is when your child’s head tends to turn to one side more frequently and/or not turn one direction. Does your child have a head tilt/turn? Have they been diagnosed with Torticollis?

If you notice your child has any or all of these symptoms, it might be time to get a Chiropractic evaluation!

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